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After many long and painful years of hating the appearance of my nose, I finally decided to do something about it.

After some extensive research I came across Ben Hunter. His online profile instantly filled me with confidence as he was clearly an expert in his field, both cosmetically and functionally. As soon as I met Mr Hunter in person, I knew I had found the right surgeon.

Mr Hunter is kind, skilled, welcoming, understanding and most importantly realistic at what can be achieved with surgery. He carefully explained the procedure and provided me with the information I needed to make this life changing decision. Mr Hunter was always happy to listen to my worries and answered me with his honest opinion. He stressed to me the importance of considering all of the options before going ahead and pre-warned me of the emotional and physical feelings I may experience post surgery.

Despite the enormity of this decision, Mr Hunter always made my family and I feel calm, well informed, safe and relaxed, right up to the moment of being taken into theatre.

Six months on from my septo-rhinoplasty surgery, I am eternally grateful to Mr Hunter for the amazing work he has done. My new nose is truly a work of art and I am amazed every day when I look in the mirror. As well as looking great, I can also now breathe through both sides of my nose due to a corrected deviated septum and the daily pain I used to experience at the bridge of my nose is now a thing of the past. I can never thank him enough for the confidence and happiness he has given me.

My only regret is not finding him 10 years earlier...!

Sally Bartlett

I had Rhinoplasty with Mr Hunter in September 2014 and I could not be happier!

From the very start to present my care has been and continues to be second to none! After many years of researching surgeons and attending consultation due to being very unhappy with my nose I could not have made a better choice. The consultation itself was a total breath of fresh air compared to previous ones I had attended. Mr Hunter took his time and together we created computer images of possible options and outcomes rhinoplasty could give me. Mr Hunter made the whole consultation process a complete joy and for once I became excited about the possibility of rhinoplasty. At no point did I feel pressured into a decision nor did I feel like “just another sale’ After this I new that it was Mr hunter I wanted to have do my surgery if I was to go ahead.

After meeting Mr hunter again I decided to go ahead with the surgery and it all happened very quick. After the longest week awaiting the results I was totally amazed by the outcome. The results were almost exact to the images we had constructed and my nose very swollen was perfect. The process was uncomfortable but over before I knew it. Mr Hunter kept a close eye on me throughout my recovery period and was always available to offer advice or reassurance. Nothing was ever to much trouble. 4 months post op my nose is still slowly changing and I am still very very happy with my result. I could not have asked for better experience.

Mr Hunter is and outstanding surgeon and I would highly recommend him.

Nicole Smith